Green Olympic House
Green Tips

It’s everyone’s responsibility to improve and protect the environment. The following tips for creating a “Green Office” are simple, easy and effective against damages to the environment.

Waste Management:
a) Reducing wastes
Avoid using paper
 Use double-sided photocopying and printing, minimize the number of document copies
 Disseminate information by electronic means
 Avoid printing promotional leaflets; use internet, newspapers, or television for advertisement
 Use electronic greeting cards
Use less gift wrapping paper
 Use handkerchiefs instead of tissues
Avoid purchasing disposal items (e.g. laminated beverages, paper cup or tableware)

b) Reusing old items
Reuse old envelopes, box files and paper boxes
Reuse single-sided paper
Donate unwanted yet usable items to charities or people in need
(e.g. clothes or office equipment)

c) Recycling
 Implement waste separation by placing recycling bins in office areas for all recyclables. 
(e.g. placing recycle boxes beside photocopiers or printers as containers to collect single-sided paper for reuse and used paper for recycling )
•Set up recycling bins to collect all recyclables, such as waste paper, metals and plastics

Energy Saving :
Turn off electrical appliances that are not in use. Don’t leave them on standby mode
Turn on the air-conditioning only when necessary and set the temperature at 25.5℃
Switch off part of or all lighting and air-conditioning during lunch breaks, overtime working hours or after office hours
Ask the last employee to leave the office to turn off all the air-conditioning, lighting and office equipment
Switch off the lighting, air-conditioning and equipment before leaving meeting rooms
Encourage the use of staircase instead lifts
 Replace fat tubes (T10) with thin tubes ( T5/LED)
Choose electrical appliances with Energy Efficiency Label of Grade 1 or Grade 2 when replacing the old ones
 Post “Save Energy” signs as a reminder

Water Conservation :
 Encourage water conservation
 Post “ Save Water” signs in the pantry  

Green Procurement :
 Purchase office equipment such as photocopiers, water dispensers, refrigerators with Energy Efficiency label
 Purchase green stationery such as refillable ball pens and recycled pencils
Avoid purchasing disposal item (e.g. non-rechargeable battery)