Auxiliary Services
Publicity Banners area

MCOHL provides quality office and facility service supports to the national sports association, various sectors of the local community and corporate users. Meanwhile, there are 7 banner-sites are offered for promotion use.

You are welcome to contact our Marketing Team for further details

Tel: (852) 2504 8504
Fax: (852) 2881 1859

(1) Location A (Size: 7.6M x 1.5M)
(2) Location B (Size: 4.5M x 1M)

(3) Location C (Size: 4M x 1.2M)

(4) Location D (Size: 3.9M x 0.9M)
(5) Location E (Size: 3.9M x 0.9M)

(6) Location F (Size: 4M x 1 M)
(7) Location G (Size 4M x 1 M)